Readers ask: How To Set Lacrosse 9065?

How do I set up my lacrosse technology?

Open the app on your iOS or Android device. The La Crosse View™ app will walk you through creating an account and automatically sets your time & local forecast. To enter the setup menu, hold the SET button. Press and release the – or + buttons to make adjustments.

How do I set my lacrosse outdoor thermometer?

Step 1: Insert 2 fresh AA, batteries into the TX29U-IT sensor according to the polarity marked in the battery compartment. Step 2: Insert 2 fresh AAA, Alkaline batteries into the wireless thermometer according to the polarity markings. Step 3: After 5 minutes place sensor outside in a shaded location.

How do you set the alarm on a lacrosse weather station?

Press the HI/LOW/OFF button for 10 second backlight. 1. Press and release the ALARM button once to show alarm time.

How do you set the time in lacrosse?

How to Reset the Time on a LaCrosse Weather Station

  1. Press and hold the “Set” button on the unit for five seconds.
  2. Press and release the “Set” button to set the contrast.
  3. Press and release the “CH/+” button to toggle Daylight Savings Time “On” or “Off.” Press and release the “Set” button.
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How do you reset a lacrosse rain gauge?

Reset Rainfall Readings

  1. Press the RAIN button to view individual rain readings.
  2. Hold the MINUS button for five seconds to reset the individual value.
  3. Rainfall reading will reset to 0.00.

How do I reset my lacrosse v50?

Press and hold the set button for 3 – 5 seconds until “Lcd” appears on the display. Press and release the set button 20 times until the display reads “rES oFF “. Press the up arrow button until the display reads “rES Lo”.) Press the set button and the device will quickly reset the internet connection.

How do I set the time on my lacrosse wireless thermometer?

Press and hold the “Set” button on the unit for five seconds.

  1. Step 1: Insert 2 NEW AA batteries (not included) into the wireless thermometer.
  2. Out Temperature.
  3. Hold SET/ºF/ºC button to enter time set mode.
  4. The wireless thermometer shows daily minimum & maximum temperatures.

Why is my weather station not working?

Cause: This can occur if the console is not being supplied with adequate power. The power cable might be loose. Solution: Check the power supply and the cable connection. Make sure that the power supply is plugged securely into the power outlet.

How do I reset my ambient weather station?

To perform a factory reset:

  1. Remove one battery from the battery compartment.
  2. Press and hold the [SET] and [MIN/MAX] buttons at the same time and reinsert the battery.
  3. When the flashing is complete, let go of the buttons.
  4. Wait several minutes before pressing any buttons for the remote sensor to sync to the console.
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Why does my lacrosse weather station beep?

Answer: It probably needs new batteries or maybe the alarm is set to on. The instructions will explain how to check the alarm status and change the batteries. If that doesn’t work, return it as defective.

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