Readers ask: How To Change Email Lacrosse Technology?

How do I update my La Crosse weather station?

If you do not receive automatic updates of the La Crosse View app, be sure to download the latest version. Hold the + and – buttons together on your station so the WiFi indicator is flashing and SEE APP is showing. Wait a few minutes and your station should have a solid WiFi indicator and show in the app.

How often does La Crosse view update?

Four times per day your station will update the time from our View Weather Server.

How do you reset a LaCrosse weather station?

Performing a factory reset Press and hold the gray button on the gateway then plug the AC adaptor back into the gateway. Make sure to keep the gray button pressed while doing this. Keep the grey button held in until the red light comes on, goes off then comes back on a second time, then let go of the button.

Why does my LaCrosse weather station beep?

Answer: It probably needs new batteries or maybe the alarm is set to on. The instructions will explain how to check the alarm status and change the batteries. If that doesn’t work, return it as defective.

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Why is my weather station not working?

Cause: This can occur if the console is not being supplied with adequate power. The power cable might be loose. Solution: Check the power supply and the cable connection. Make sure that the power supply is plugged securely into the power outlet.

What is La Crosse View?

Unlike most weather apps that show weather from a predetermined location you could be miles from, La Crosse View allows you to see your home environment, such as wind speed and direction, rainfall, temperature, and humidity, as well as customize alerts, study, track, and monitor your weather with graphs, personalize

How do you reset a LaCrosse rain gauge?

Reset Rainfall Readings

  1. Press the RAIN button to view individual rain readings.
  2. Hold the MINUS button for five seconds to reset the individual value.
  3. Rainfall reading will reset to 0.00.

How do I program my LaCrosse technology clock?

Set the clock manually: Press and hold the SET button for 3+ seconds to activate the manual mode. Once the clock is in manual mode, there are two ways to move the minute hand forward. 2. Hold the SET button down to move the minute hand forward consistently.

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