Quick Answer: Where Is Gladiator Lacrosse?

Where is Gladiator Lacrosse located?

Louis, Missouri, currently manufactures and distributes professional-grade balls and rebounders for lacrosse and variety of other sports.

What is Gladiator lacrosse net worth?

Gladiator Lacrosse rebounders are readily available on Amazon and cost around $160 – which puts them in the price range of similar products. So far, Zietz has annual revenues of more than $1 million.

Why did Rachel choose Gladiator Lacrosse?

The idea for Gladiator Lacrosse came from Rachel’s disappointment with the quality, cost and lack of selection of current product offerings. Like every player wishing to improve his or her game, Rachel’s coaches advised her to play “wall ball” and practice her shot as much as possible.

How did Gladiator Lacrosse get started?

Gladiator Lacrosse started off with only a lacrosse goal and rebounder, which Zietz described to be the two products “essential for any lacrosse player to improve their game.” Her inspiration, Zietz said, came from a frustrating experience in the yard of her own home.

How much is Rachel zietz worth?

According to Networth Buzz, as of 2020, her net worth is $5 million.

When was Rachel zietz born?

Rachel was born in 2000 in Wayne, New Jersey.

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