Quick Answer: What Is The Lightest Lacrosse Shaft?

What is the lightest lacrosse Defense Shaft?

The STX Hammer 7000 defense shaft is the lightest defense lacrosse shaft and strongest shaft from STX. It weighs only 370 grams, making it one of the lightest shafts on the market. It is made from the blend of scandium and titanium which gives it strength and durability.

What is the best lacrosse shaft for attack?

Best Lacrosse Attack Shafts:

  1. Warrior Burn Warp Pro Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft: $139.99.
  2. Warrior Evo Pro Diamond Attack Lacrosse Shaft: $149.99.
  3. STX Sc-Ti Attack Lacrosse Shaft: $99.99.
  4. Warrior Evo Ax1 Attack Lacrosse Shaft: $134.99.

Why are lacrosse Defense sticks longer?

Defense Stick Length Defensive sticks or d-poles are the great equalizer on the lacrosse field. The longer length allows defenders to keep up with offensive players and take the ball away.

What is Flex IQ in lacrosse?

iQ2- The iQ2 is Epoch’s stiffest flex option and is designed for those step-down shooters who benefit from a stiffer shaft to help transfer their own energy through the entire stick when passing and shooting.

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Is a lighter lacrosse stick better?

Lighter shafts keep you more agile and faster down the field, while stronger shafts hold up to regular abuse and deal out serious checks. The balance between these two features is referred to as a stick’s strength-to-weight ratio. Generally, the more expensive a shaft is, the lighter and stronger its material.

How do I choose a Lacrosse Shaft?

Attack and midfielders need a short stick measuring between 40 and 42 inches. Defensive and midfield players should try a longer shaft of 52 to 72 inches. Goalies can have a stick between 40 and 72 inches based on their preference. Youth players need a stick they can handle comfortably.

What kind of stick does Paul Rabil use?

The Rabil 2 Box lacrosse head was designed with with the best in mind – Paul Rabil. It provides superior shot power and accuracy while the Sym-Rail allows maximum levels of stiffness at the lowest possible weight.

What are lacrosse sticks made out of?

Traditional lacrosse sticks are made of a single piece of wood, bent to form the head of the stick (the part used for catching, carrying, and throwing the ball). Traditionally, Indigenous stick makers wrapped pliable steamed hickory around a tree in order to bend it.

Do all lacrosse heads fit all shafts?

Most men’s lacrosse heads have the same open throat configuration and design like the older version Nike CEO, STX Stallion 700, Maverik Kinetik, and the East Coast Dyes Mirage. These lacrosse heads will fit on any type of lacrosse shaft. These types of lacrosse heads will only fit on hollow lacrosse shafts.

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How much does a good lacrosse stick cost?

There are a variety of stick options that suit certain positions. More affordable lacrosse sticks can cost around $40. More experienced players will buy the shaft and head separately for more customization. Heads range from $35 to more than $100 and shafts begin around $60 and can cost well above $100.

What is the most durable lacrosse shaft?

The STX SC-TI X is our most popular, since it has a similar shape profile of the old Surgeon SC-ti and is the lightest of the SC-TIs at 140grams, just under 5 oz. The combination of scandium and titanium produces one of the lightest and most durable shafts in the game.

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