Quick Answer: What Does Ct Stand For In Lacrosse Stats?

What does CT in lacrosse mean?

Caused Turnovers (CT) Defense gains control of the ball after contact with the ball, crosse or player. Blocked Shots (BkS) Player prevents the ball from reaching the goal.

What does SF mean in lacrosse stats?

Shots on Goal is this calculation: saves + goals. That means a shot that sails wide or hits the pipe without being touched by the keeper does not count as an official shot on goal. A shot that hits the pipe (not deflected by the goalie) does not count as an official shot on goal.

What does int mean in lacrosse stats?

INT Interception The total amount of passes that are caught by the opposing team when intended to for a teammate. One receives credit for an interception when they cut off a pass intended for a opposition player, and in turn gains possession for his team.

What is G G in lacrosse?

– SV = Saves by Team (Simple count; # of Saves) – Man Up G = Man Up Goals by Team (Simple count; # of Goals in Man Up)

What does emo mean in lacrosse?

Extra Man (aka Man Up or EMO) – Describes the team at a player advantage in a penalty situation. Opposite of man down. Face-off. Takes place at the start of each quarter, after every goal, and after certain dead balls.

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What is scooping in lacrosse?

The lacrosse scoop is a technique used to gain possession of the ball when it is on the ground. Quickly scoop up the ball. Then angle upward to keep the ball forced into the deep part of the pocket and from rolling back out. Now the player can transition to a cradle, pass, or shot, and continue on.

What is a clear attempt in lacrosse?

A lacrosse clear is when a goalie stops a shot and then passes (clears) the ball to a defender or middie in order to get the ball over to the opposite (offensive) side of the field.

Are there positions in lacrosse?

The 4 Main Lacrosse Positions: Attackmen – The “forwards” of lacrosse. Midfielders – The runners of lacrosse that play both offense and defense. Defenseman – The players in charge of stopping the offense from scoring and have extra long 6 foot lacrosse poles. Goalies – The last line of defense.

What is a draw control in lacrosse?

A draw control is awarded to the player who con- trols the ball and/or creates an opportunity to play after the taking of a draw; i.e., gains possession after the draw. Draw controls and ground balls are mutually exclusive. The player that wins the draw control DOES NOT get credit for a ground ball.

What is a turnover in lacrosse?

Turnovers occur when a player or team in possession of the ball or entitled to possession of the ball loses possession of it, in a live-ball situation Page 15 OFFICIAL 2009 MENLS LACROSSE STATISTICS RULES 15 or under certain dead-ball situations.

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How do you score points in lacrosse?

The object of lacrosse is to score the most points. Points are scored when a player shoots ball into the opponents net. Players cannot use their hands to throw the ball into the net. Games are divided into four timed quarters.

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