Quick Answer: How To Change The Camber Bolt On A 2006 Buick Lacrosse?

Are camber bolts necessary?

No you do not need them to get to the settings recommeded by Eibach. No if you want to get aggressive with the camber, then you can use them. You should go ahead and have your car put on the alignment machine to see if you are still within stock camber specs, if so, you won’t need camber bolts.

What do camber bolts do?

Camber adjustment bolts are clever eccentric bolts which allow you to modify the car’s camber angle. They can be used to either add or reduce camber in a vehicle, or can also be used to return the vehicle’s wheel alignment to the proper specifications after a suspension component has been damaged or bent out of shape.

Will an alignment fix negative camber?

Often the best fix for an issue with negative camber is getting your wheel alignment done, as we said. The cost of getting your wheels aligned is not too steep, but it will cost you a few dollars. One thing you need to remember is that alignment usually is done in pairs.

Can you adjust camber on stock suspension?

There are several methods to adjust camber, depending on the vehicle and its suspension. Stock suspensions may feature cam bolts, eccentric washer bolts, turn-buckle joints, or shim adjustments. Shim adjustments are usually found in front suspensions but can be in almost any application.

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How much does it cost to change camber bolts?

The easy way of fixing it is to get a front camber kit which consist of two camber bolts they normally cost about $35 online they have to make a profit off parts so $50 sounds normal for the parts. The $85 for labor sounds right because it includes an alignment.

Do I need a camber kit if I lower my car?

When you lower the car, the camber will go out and you need a camber kit to fix it. Most people think they need a camber kit because of a tire-wear concern. The reality is, TOE ANGLE kills tires WAY faster than camber ever will.

What causes camber misalignment?

Camber misalignment can be caused by a sagging spring, a bent strut, bent spindle, worn control arm bushing, worn ball joint, or mislocated strut tower (too far in or out). The common alignment angles are camber, caster and toe.

Are camber bolts safe?

There are many users on this forum that safely use their camber bolts and there haven’t been problems. The only time there are problems are when the bolts are not properly installed.. like being over-torqued. Camber plates can still slip and fail too if they are not installed properly.

What happens if your camber is off?

Improper camber can make the tire wear on one edge and may cause the vehicle to pull to the side that has the most positive camber. Zero camber will result in the most uniform tire wear over time, but may reduce performance during cornering.

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How much does a camber alignment cost?

How much does an alignment cost? A front-end alignment usually costs between $65 and $100 (some brands, of course, are more). At that price, it should be a regular part of your car care regime. To make an alignment even more economical, some car care facilities offer lifetime alignment packages for around $200.

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