Question: How To Install A Lacrosse Chin Strap?

How do you tighten a chin strap?

Put the helmet on your head and put the chin strap cup firmly under your chin. Buckle the bottom straps on both sides to the buttons behind or below each earhole. Tighten the chin strap if necessary. The chin strap cup should be firm against the chin to keep the helmet in place.

Do lacrosse helmets expire?

Helmets 10 years of age or older cannot be re-certified or reconditioned. Replace the helmet if it is no longer certified.

How tight should your chin strap be?

The chin strap should be snug against the chin so that when you open your mouth very wide you feel the helmet pull down a little bit.

Can you put a Speedflex chin strap on any helmet?

The FlexAdapter is worn at all levels of the game including the pros, installs in just seconds, and will not void your helmet warranty. MUST USE THE THUMBWHEELS THAT COME WITH THE SPEEDFLEX HELMET TO COMPLETE THE INSTALLATION.

How do I know what size chin strap to buy?

Generally, the size of your ChinStrap will be the same as your helmet size. For example, if you wear an Adult Medium size helmet, select our S-M ChinStrap. If you wear an Adult Large helmet, select our L-XL ChinStrap.

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What does tilt mean in lacrosse?

Tilt: wearing your helmet so that it is angled down towards the ground.

How tight should a lacrosse helmet be?

GENERAL FIT A lacrosse helmet should fit snugly all around, with no spaces between the pads and the athlete’s head. The skin on the athlete’s forehead should move if the helmet is shifted left or right, up or down. Always follow the manufacturer’s fitting instructions.

How do I choose a lacrosse helmet?

A lacrosse helmet should fit snug on your head. The padding of the helmet should give a firm, even pressure. It should have a tight fit, but not to the point that it causes discomfort. To make sure your helmet fits properly, test it by moving it back and forth on your head.

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