Question: How Do I View Lacrosse View On A Pc?

Is La Crosse View free?

The La Crosse View app is unique in that with the purchase of a La Crosse Technology connected device, the app’s most useful tools will always remain free. NOTE: All new La Crosse View app users will receive a 30 day free trial of our Enhanced Subscription Plan.

What is La Crosse View app?

Unlike most weather apps that show weather from a predetermined location you could be miles from, La Crosse View allows you to see your home environment, such as wind speed and direction, rainfall, temperature, and humidity, as well as customize alerts, study, track, and monitor your weather with graphs, personalize

How do I reset the wifi on my lacrosse weather station?

If you are using your station connected to the internet, try power-cycling the device to reset the time:

  1. Remove the batteries (if installed)
  2. Unplug the unit.
  3. Press the LIGHT button 5 times to discharge any stray current.
  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  5. Plug the unit back in.
  6. Re-install the batteries once the correct time is displayed.

What does no NIST server mean?

“NO NIST SERVER” This indicates an error on the NIST server. • Your time will be maintained by your weather station until the NIST updates resume. • The NIST will resolve this.

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How do I set my lacrosse wireless thermometer?

Step 1: Insert 2 fresh AA, batteries into the TX29U-IT sensor according to the polarity marked in the battery compartment. Step 2: Insert 2 fresh AAA, Alkaline batteries into the wireless thermometer according to the polarity markings. Step 3: After 5 minutes place sensor outside in a shaded location.

Why does my lacrosse weather station beep?

Answer: It probably needs new batteries or maybe the alarm is set to on. The instructions will explain how to check the alarm status and change the batteries. If that doesn’t work, return it as defective.

Where should I put my outdoor weather sensor?

Location of your outdoor temperature sensor is important.

  • Mount the sensor vertically at least 6 feet off the ground.
  • Provide good airflow around the sensor.
  • Direct sunlight can inflate the temperature reading, so a north-side, shaded location is best.
  • If you have a solar panel on the sensor it will need to be charged.

Why is my weather station not working?

Cause: This can occur if the console is not being supplied with adequate power. The power cable might be loose. Solution: Check the power supply and the cable connection. Make sure that the power supply is plugged securely into the power outlet.

How do I set the time and date on my LaCrosse weather station?

How to Reset the Time on a LaCrosse Weather Station

  1. Press and hold the “Set” button on the unit for five seconds.
  2. Press and release the “Set” button to set the contrast.
  3. Press and release the “CH/+” button to toggle Daylight Savings Time “On” or “Off.” Press and release the “Set” button.

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