Question: Football Players Who Played Lacrosse?

What NFL player played lacrosse?

Hogan has made the Premier Lacrosse League’s Boston Cannons 25-man roster. Having won two Super Bowls with the Patriots, Hogan is returning to Boston and returning to his lacrosse roots, where he once shined while playing at Penn State. As a junior for the Nittany Lions, Hogan posted a team-high 29 goals.

Did Steve Carell play lacrosse?

Steve Carell played lacrosse during his time at The Fenn School in Massachusetts.

Who is Chris Hogan lacrosse?

Former NFL receiver Chris Hogan officially has started his career in a second pro sport. Hogan played on Saturday in the Premier Lacrosse League, at Gillette Stadium.

Is Chris Hogan playing lacrosse?

He played three years at Penn State, but with his final year approaching he had a decision to make: try to continue playing lacrosse or pursue a football career. Hogan ended up with a near decade-long professional football career and two Super Bowls.

How old is Paul Rabil?

Hogan had previously played for the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, and the New York Jets before hanging his pads up to try his hand in the Premier Lacrosse League. Now he’s back.

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What famous person plays lacrosse?

Everyone knows NFL star Jim Brown, hockey greats Wayne Gretzky and Joe Nieuwendyk and comedian/Adam Sandler’s buddy Peter Dante (Hofstra) played lacrosse, but you might not know about these guys.

Who is the best college lacrosse player of all time?

Jason Coffman Legendary players Jason Coffman holds the number 1 spot in the list of top 10 greatest lacrosse players of all time. He is one of the greatest College Lacrosse players of all time who has been All American four times; Jason had a great knack for scoring and has scored 451 points in college!

Is Chris Hogan back with the Pats?

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan will be returning to Gillette Stadium this weekend. However, it will not be to play football again. Hogan is now a member of the Boston Cannons in the Premier Lacrosse League.

Is Chris Hogan going back to the Patriots?

Chris Hogan returning to Gillette Stadium field in June as part of Premier Lacrosse League. Now the two-time Super Bowl champ will return to Gillette Stadium as a member of the Premier Lacrosse League’s Cannons LC.

How much does Chris Hogan make a year?

Current Contract Chris Hogan signed a 1 year, $1,075,000 contract with the New Orleans Saints, including an average annual salary of $1,075,000. In 2021, Hogan will earn a base salary of $1,075,000, while carrying a cap hit of $850,000.

Did Chris Hogan make the PLL?

BOSTON (CBS) — Chris Hogan is no longer a member of the Cannons Lacrosse Club. Hogan retired from football after a nine-year NFL career, but his playing days were not over. He declared for the Premier Lacrosse League entry draft, and signed with the Cannons after going undrafted.

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