How To Polish A Lacrosse Cascade Helmet?

How do you polish a lacrosse helmet?

The most effective way to clean a lacrosse helmet is with some good old soap and water. Grab a clean towel, get it wet, and start scrubbing. Simple elbow grease will get most things off. You can add a little dish soap to tackle more stubborn areas.

How do you clean a lacrosse helmet?

Wash your helmet with a damp cloth. Mix a mild detergent with water and dip a washcloth in the solution. Wipe the inside and outside of the helmet with the cloth to get rid of dirt, debris, and bacteria. To disinfect the helmet after a long game or time in storage, use a sanitizing spray after washing it.

Do lacrosse helmets expire?

Helmets 10 years of age or older cannot be re-certified or reconditioned. Replace the helmet if it is no longer certified.

Do lacrosse helmets need to be recertified?

Helmets should be reconditioned regularly by a licensed NAERA member. DO NOT allow your athlete to use a used helmet that is not approved/recertified for use by a NAERA reconditioner.

Can lacrosse gear be washed?

Never, NEVER leave your damp or dirty lacrosse pads or lacrosse equipment inside your lacrosse bag. You can also (occasionally) run lacrosse pads through your washing machine’s gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent and then spray them with a sports gear disinfectant spray once they are completely dry.

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Can you clean lacrosse mesh?

To clean the mesh portion of your lacrosse head — for an even cleaner and newer appearance of your stick — remove the mesh and clean it in your washer. For white mesh, use bleach. For any other colored mesh, use regular laundry detergent. Let the mesh air dry.

Can I paint my lacrosse helmet?

Your best bet when it comes to painting a lacrosse helmet is to simply use spray paint. Chances are a nearby hardware or art store will have the color you are looking for. Once you’re done spray painting your lacrosse helmet, apply some sort of spray polyurethane for a touch of shine and to protect the paint.

What is the safest lacrosse helmet?

The Best Senior Lacrosse Helmets

  1. Cascade S – The Safest Lacrosse Helmet and Best Lacrosse Helmet For Concussions.
  2. STX Rival – Best Fitting Lacrosse Helmet.
  3. Warrior Burn – Most Innovative Lacrosse Helmet.
  4. Cascade CPX-R – Best Budget / Value Lacrosse Helmet.

How do you make a lacrosse helmet safer?

When a helmet fits correctly, it should sit squarely on the head, with the front of the helmet approximately one finger’s width above the eyebrows, so it will protect the forehead. The helmet’s padding should fit firmly on the head without being so tight as to give you a headache.

Are Cascade R helmets legal?

Until the manufacturers and NOCSAE are able to remedy and re-certify these helmets, the Model R and Regulator are both illegal at all levels of play and by all rules that mandate helmets meet NOCSAE standards and be NOCSAE certified.

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Is the Cascade’s bigger than the R?

The S may be SLIGHTLY lighter and have better venting, the R has nicer tilt, better customization, it’s smaller than the S, and it’s an all around great helmet. There’s not enough of a difference between the S and the R for me to want to spend more on an S.

How often do helmets need to be recertified?

Many manufacturers have set the reconditioning cycle at every two years. After every second season, the helmet needs to be recertified and reconditioned again, by an authorized reconditioner/recertifier—there are over twenty which belong to the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association—NAERA.

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