How To Get A Tight Head Off A Lacrosse Stick?

Do lacrosse sticks break easily?

It happens a lot at the pro level, it doesn’t happen quite so often at other levels. It really depends on the type of shaft you’re using. Some of the newer carbon and composite shafts have a lot more flex and are nice and light but will break easier than a titanium shaft.

What is a shaft lock insert?

Subscribe. STX Shaft Lockā„¢ is a proprietary STX technology that helps to provide a more secure connection between lacrosse head and handle, reducing lacrosse head rattle. Simply insert into the top end of the handle and screw your head into place! Sold in packs of two to conveniently upgrade your gamer and your backup.

How do you soften a stiff lacrosse mesh?

Fill a bucket with just enough hot water to cover the mesh and mix in 1 cup of fabric softener. Let it sit for 20 minutes, pull the stick from the mixture and rinse under running water. The softener should give you a soft mesh with a pleasant smell ready to be formed into a pocket.

How do you break in a mesh in lacrosse goalie?

Pound the pocket with your glove or hand to reform the pocket. Store the stick overnight with a heavy lacrosse ball and the newspapers in the pocket. After the stick dries, the mesh will stiffen so be sure to pound the pocket again and throw with it to re-break it in.

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How do you break in a new stick?

One way to break your stick in is to bring it into the shower with you, and lather the mesh in conditioner while you knead a pocket into your mesh with a lacrosse ball. The conditioner and water soften the mesh to expand and stretch it out.

How long are breaks in lacrosse?

However, with that being said, let’s take a look at how long the average lacrosse game takes. The average lacrosse game has 60 minutes of regulation time. This is broken up into 4 quarters of 15 minutes each. Between those quarters, you have a 2-minute break except at halftime where you have a 10-minute break.

What is the strongest lacrosse shaft?

The Evo QX Carbon Attack is a hollow carbon fiber shaft that is one of the strongest in the game. Its unique hollow carbon design helps it stay very lightweight at only 4.59 oz without sacrificing durability.

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