FAQ: Why Does My Lacrosse 308-146 Keep Beeping?

Why does my La Crosse weather station keep beeping?

Answer: It probably needs new batteries or maybe the alarm is set to on. The instructions will explain how to check the alarm status and change the batteries. If that doesn’t work, return it as defective.

How do I turn off my lacrosse alarm?

1. Press and release the ALARM button once to show alarm time. 2. Press and release the ALARM button to deactivate the Alarm.

Why does my atomic clock keep beeping?

NOTE: After the setting process has been completed, the clock should start to beep. NOTE: Due to solar radiation in the atmosphere, the atomic clock signal is weaker during the day. Most synchronization with the WWVB atomic clock signal happens at night when there is less interference.

How do you reset a lacrosse rain gauge?

Reset Rainfall Readings

  1. Press the RAIN button to view individual rain readings.
  2. Hold the MINUS button for five seconds to reset the individual value.
  3. Rainfall reading will reset to 0.00.
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Why is my weather station not working?

Cause: This can occur if the console is not being supplied with adequate power. The power cable might be loose. Solution: Check the power supply and the cable connection. Make sure that the power supply is plugged securely into the power outlet.

How do you adjust a lacrosse thermometer?

Step 1: Insert 2 fresh AA, batteries into the TX29U-IT sensor according to the polarity marked in the battery compartment. Step 2: Insert 2 fresh AAA, Alkaline batteries into the wireless thermometer according to the polarity markings. Step 3: After 5 minutes place sensor outside in a shaded location.

How do you turn off the alarm on a weather station?

NOTE: To disable ALL alarms at once, press and HOLD the “ ” button for 10 seconds. You will automatically exit alarm SET MODE if no buttons are pressed for 10 seconds.

How do you change the battery in a weather station?

First, insert the batteries into the thermo-hygro transmitter and place 5-10 feet from the weather station. 2. Within 30 seconds, insert batteries into weather station. Once the batteries are in place, all segments of the LCD will light up briefly.

What time does the atomic clock reset?

Initially, when you install the batteries and select your time zone, the clock will set itself to either 4:00, 8:00, or 12:00 until it receives a complete signal from Ft. Collins Colorado.

Why is my atomic clock wrong?

If you have an analog atomic radio controlled clock, it’s possible that the hands aren’t properly aligned. This could cause the clock to be off by a second or more even if it is receiving the atomic clock synch signal properly.

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Why is my weather station beeping?

The flashing of the lights and occasional beeping of the unit is typically caused when the radio has not received a Required Weekly Test (RWT) for more than ten days.

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