FAQ: Which Phones Work With A Buick Lacrosse?

How do I connect my phone to Buick LaCrosse?

Pairing a Phone

  1. Press the CONFIG button.
  2. Select Phone Settings or Bluetooth Settings (depending on the radio).
  3. Select Bluetooth.
  4. Select Pair Device (Phone).
  5. Start the pairing process on the cell phone to be paired to the vehicle.
  6. Locate the device named “Your Vehicle” in the list on the cell phone.

Why won’t my phone connect to my Buick?

First, restart your phone and reconnect to Bluetooth in your vehicle. If that doesn’t work, you may need to delete your phone from your vehicle’s “Paired Bluetooth Devices” list and pair it again. 1. Delete your phone from your vehicle’s “Paired Bluetooth Devices” list.

How do I connect my phone to my Buick?

Tap the SETTINGS icon. Tap the BLUETOOTH® icon. This may be located inside “Wireless & Networks” or “Connections.” Ensure that Bluetooth is set to “Discoverable” or “Pairing” mode.

Why isn’t my Buick Bluetooth working?

First, check your signal strength and Bluetooth connection. If your Bluetooth connection has been disrupted, pair your phone again and try to make the call a second time. If you’re not able to troubleshoot your Bluetooth issue on your own, you can reach out to us for more help at 855-428-3669.

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Does my Buick app work without OnStar?

The vehicle access features of myBuick require an active OnStar plan — whether it’s the free Basic Plan or one of the paid subscriptions. It also requires the user to download the app, create an OnStar user ID and password, and log into myBuick.

How do I play music through Bluetooth in my 2011 Buick Regal?

How do I play music through Bluetooth in my 2011 Buick Regal?

  1. Press the “Config” button.
  2. Select “Phone Settings.”
  3. Select “Bluetooth.”
  4. Select “Pair Device.” A four-digit PIN appears on the display.
  5. Start the pairing process on your phone.
  6. Name the phone.

Does a 2010 Buick LaCrosse have Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth phone system also comes standard in the LaCrosse, but it is not particularly advanced.

How do I pair my phone to my car?

Pair from your phone

  1. Check that your car is discoverable and ready to pair.
  2. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  3. Tap;Connected devices. If you see “Bluetooth,” tap it.
  4. Tap Pair new device. your car’s name.

Does 2009 Buick LaCrosse have Bluetooth?

Another convenience feature is the Bluetooth for Phone hands-free phone interface; it’s available on all Buick LaCrosse models for 2009 and uses the OnStar 7.2 system’s voice recognition to interpret voice commands to dial phone numbers and name tags.

Does 2008 Buick LaCrosse have aux input?

The AUX input is located in the center console.

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