Heartland's Concept



Our mission is to build a lacrosse community in Kansas City that instills commitment, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship throughout life and sports.


We carryout our mission by providing numerous year round programs that are intended to build character and instill confidence.


Our programs include lessons, clinics, camps, and leagues for pre k - high school boys and girls.

Founders Concept


This Organization:

  • Offers affordable programs in top notch facilities.

  • Staff our programs with local collegiate and high school level coaches with a passionate interest in player development.

  • Draws players from surrounding clubs throughout Kansas City to learn, play, and compete with each other.

  • Provides positive encouragement, passion, and enthusiasm to spread the love of the game through new and experienced players.

  • Offers coaching opportunities to players and coaches sharing our vision in Kansas City.

  • Continually assessing players, coaches and administrators in efforts to grow the game. 

KC Heartland Lax Club




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